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More reason to share 3rd-party content

When content marketers share links to 3rd party content via email newsletters, blogs, or social media, they do not benefit directly from any visits to those links. Bulavard provides a way for content marketers to overlay their own custom messages with a button on the content within the links that they are sharing. This provides an opportunity for these marketers to convert the visits to their own sites.

Use Cases

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters that include many links to 3rd-party content are a great use case for our tool. By using Bulavard links instead of regular links in your newsletters, you can reinforce your brand, promote your services, notify about your related content, pitch your product, etc.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whichever social network you use, when you share links to 3rd-party content you can convert your visitors with enticing offers, build your brand awareness, pitch them a relevant service, or anything else you want to communicate with your audience.

Content Marketers

Blogs, eBooks, PDFs, whitepapers, or any content that has links to 3rd-party content and resources can use our tool to reinforce brand awareness, cross-sell, up-sell, notify about related content, pitch products and services, offer special promotions, or anything else you'd like.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies that provide services to clients can use our tool to help drive traffic to client websites and landing pages by sharing 3rd-party content through their regular online channels and pitching their client's products and services.

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Demo Links

Here are demo links that show a call-to-action message on the sample websites.

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