Generate Leads Every Time You Share A Link

Add a call-to-action overlay on the content that you share on social media, in email newsletters, or anywhere that you share links.

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Every time you share a link without a call to action, it's a lost opportunity.

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Turn web traffic you're sending elsewhere into traffic for your site.

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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Newsletters, etc.

How does it work?

Step 1

Find something you want to share.

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Step 2

Generate link with call to action.

Generate link

Step 3

Share your new link

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Use Cases

Social Media Marketers

Share links to content you've curated on social media and drive visits your own site.

Email Newsletters

Share links in email newsletters with relevant call to actions for your products.

Affiliate Marketers

Share links to relevant content with call to actions that includes your affiliate code.

Marketing Agencies

Share links to build your credibility and include call to actions for your services.

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