Add A Shop To Your Website

With One Line Of Code


An Online Shop In Minutes

You have an awesome website, but now you want to sell things on it. Why waste your time configuring complicated plugins, moving to a different platform, or worse, building everything from scratch, when you can just copy/paste a line of code?

An Online Shop In Minutes

Plug And Play

Copy and paste some code into your website.
No messy configurations, no painful set up.

For Existing Websites

You spent hours perfecting your website.
Why throw it away?

Your Website + Bulavard = Online Sales

Bulavard is a simple solution for those who want to add an online shop to their website. It takes just a few minutes!


Copy and paste code to your website to add an online shop.

Sell stuff

Start selling on your existing website by adding a few products.


Get to profitability faster by using your existing website.

Accept Credit Cards

Integrated with Stripe Payments for
seamless credit card payment processing.

Built on Trusted Infrastructure

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