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Bulavard is an online marketing tool that converts regular links into links with an interstitial call-to-action (CTA) where you can capture leads using special links. An interstitial call-to-action is a landing page that sits between the visitor and the destination URL. When visitors click on your special link, they will see your call-to-action and have an option to act on it, or continue to the destination URL. This allows digital marketers to benefit from every link that they share.

Many digital marketers curate and share links to 3rd-party content on social media and in email newsletters. However, every link that is shared is a missed opportunity because the visitor is sent to a site not controlled by the marketer. Bulavard allows digital marketers to include a call-to-action in every link they share, increasing the ROI of their digital marketing efforts.

Works On Mobile
Our CTAs are designed to be fully responsive, so they look good on mobile devices too.
Easy To Use
We designed our application to be simple, so that you can get your work done fast.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networks, when you share links to content you can convert your visitors with enticing offers, build your brand awareness, pitch them a relevant service, or anything else you want to communicate with your audience.

Content Marketers

Blogs, eBooks, PDFs, whitepapers, or anything that has links to content and resources can use our tool to reinforce brand awareness, cross-sell, up-sell, pitch products and services, offer special promotions, or anything else you'd like to offer.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters that include links to content are a great use case for our tool. By using special links instead of regular links in your newsletters, you can reinforce your brand, promote your services, notify about related content, pitch your product, etc.


Create a compelling message and offer for your call-to-action.



Share on your website, social media, email newsletters, etc.



Capture leads from visits to links containing your call-to-action.

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